About Ivana Hoffmann (short biografy)

Ivana Hoffman was born on 1st September, 1995 in Emmerich, Germany.

On 7th March, 2015 Ivana was murdered in Til Temir by the terrorists of the Islamic State (IS). She was 19 years old. She died as a brave internationalist woman, as a freedom fighter and has become a symbol of hope for many of us.

Family And Childhood

Ivana was a cheerful and lively girl. Her mother is German and her father is from Togo. Altogether she had 12 siblings and half-siblings.

Ivana loved to play soccer in her club in Emmerich. She also loved to play music, to sing and to dance. Moreover she was very popular and had many friends. Before she went to Rojava, Ivana lived in Duisburg-Meiderich.

Political Career

In 2009, Ivana met the “Students Strike” movement in Duisburg and therefore she became politically active. Her laughter and her kindness were so fascinating that she was elected as press spokeswoman, because she was able to mobilize lot’s of students with her emphatically and participatory kind.

Our comrade Ivana Hoffmann met our AGIF-union in Duisburg-Meiderich for the first time in 2011. There she got to know Young Struggle, took tasks and started to form herself in our union.

It has to be mentioned that she began to take a stand against abuses and injustice, she also organised the students strike in Duisburg with others and participated in radical actions, for example the Revolutionary 1st May, the Blockupy Protests, antifascist demonstrations, actions against women repression, social clear-cutting and sometimes she was also one of the organisers. In addition she joined in actions for the freedom of political captives and in 2012, she attended the hunger strike for captives of the Kurdistan Workers‘ Party (PKK). Additionally she was increasingly interested in the class struggle, so she got a part of the Youth of the Marxist Leninist Communist Party (MLKP) of Turkey/Kurdistan, called KGÖ (Communist Youth Organisation). In summer 2013, she was part of a delegation, which joined in a political youth camp and in many demonstrations in Turkey.

Ivana Hoffmann developed very fast and started to take the responsibility for many important tasks by itself all about forming a trade in the youth organisation. She organised actions, demonstrations, youth camps and political lectures.

In spring 2014, Ivana went to Rojava to fight locally together with the population against the religious-fascist IS and to protect the population against furthermore massacres, murders and rapes.

In the end of January, 2015, the Turkish/Kurdish news agency ETHA (Etkin Haber Ajansi) released a video, in which Ivana reported the first time from Rojava about her reasons why she went to fight. In Rojava, she was part of an unit with many international fighters from different countries of Europe, who fought in the name of MLKP against the IS.


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